Gayatri Mahamantra

Gayatri Mahamantra is a Universal Mantra, a prayer, or a group of words, which can be chanted with devotion for spiritual upliftment in all the ages, anywhere in the world.







OM Para Brahman
BHUR Bhu Loka (Physical Plane) – This refers to the five elements this body is made up of
BHUVA Bhuva Loka (Middle Plane) – This refers to the power in man which animates the body. This is actually the Prana Sakthi
SVAHA Swarga Loka (Heaven)
TAT That, this refers to God, or Paramatma
SAVITUR That from which all is born
VARENYAM Fit to be worshipped
BHARGO The Radiance, the Spiritual Effulgence, the light that bestows wisdom
DEVASYA Divine Reality
DHEEMAHI We Meditate
DHI YO Buddhi, Intellect
YO Which
The Gayatri Mantra may also be translated in the form of a prayer, as under:
OM (OM) – We meditate (DHEEMAHI) upon the Spiritual Effulgence (BHARGO) of THAT Adorable Supreme Divine Reality (VARENYAM DEVASYA), the Source (SAVITUR) of the Physical (BHUR), the Astral (BHUVA), and the Heavenly (SVAHA) Spheres of Existence. May THAT (TAT) Supreme Divine Being enlighten (PRACHODAYAT) our (NAH) Intellect (DHIYO) (So that we may realise the Supreme Truth).
The Gayatri mantra is a Universal prayer, which asks for a clear Intellect so that the Truth may be reflected therein without distortion.
Gayatri is the very basis of Vedas. It is also called Veda Mata (Mother of the Vedas). Gayatri is the mantra, which preserves, protects and rescues the chanter from mortality.
If Gayatri Mantra is chanted with Love, God will accept it.
Each word should be pronounced clearly and distinctly, without undue haste or hurry.
Men, Women of all climes and creed, can chant Gayatri Mantra.
The Gayatri Mantra should be recited three times a day i.e. morning, evening and night.
The Gayatri Mantra is synonymous to the Divinity and therefore must be approached with humility, reverence, faith and love towards the Mantra.
Chanting with humility, reverence, faith and love is more important than mechanical repetition while the mind wanders.
Full faith in the power and potency of the Gayatri Mantra will be generated only when the seeker has developed requisite degree of enthusiasm, reverence and love towards the Mantra.
The more one chants the Mantra, the greater benefit the chanter gets.



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