This blog is another attempt, or a “revival”, of my old site “Atmanism.. a way to the absolute”  This time, and for starters,  it’s just  a combo of around-the-web-articles, mostly about  Hinduism. An esoteric path  full of archetypes and symbols, the magical and favorite sanskrit language, that sounds sooooo familiar to my inner world and brings me  signs/memories of a previous hindu past maybe … a spiritual path, not a religion, that in my point of view, gives the freedom to find the personal God who seats in our hearts and rules our personal universes…

So,  from now on  i ‘ll  bring here and put together those lost and found pieces of my personal search and studies so i may, someday, complete this life-puzzle of …Atmanism! my point of view for the way to the absolute ! namaste _/|\_